Confidentiality and Privacy

The Rena Care Medical Center medical staff will conduct the patient’s examination, treatment and case discussion discreetly and with respect to their personal privacy.
We are bound by law and professional ethics to maintain our patients’ medical records, including in electronic format, and all aspects of rendered medical care are kept strictly confidential.
The information stored in the patient’s medical record may be shared only by those involved in the patient’s care and, selectively, with staff from hospital administration for services’ quality monitoring.
Those who view the patients’ records are under legal obligation not to disclose them to anyone.
Patient information (including that retrieved from electronic data repositories) may be released in certain circumstances, such as government authorities request for statistical purposes; in order to obtain a second medical opinion; sponsor’s enquiries, etc.
In other than for the above mentioned instances, Rena Care Medical Center will obtain written authorization from patients should the need to release this information to others.


Multi Specialty Health Care Co. L.L.C. (MSHC) is a private company licensed by Dubai Healthcare Authority to provide Haemodialysis Services through a standalone centre.

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