CEO Message

Mr. Adel A. Kowaider


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our healthcare facility. As you navigate our website, you will know more why we adopted to provide our services thru a standalone treatment facility, the services we provide and where we are heading. It also conveys our sense of mission and vision to become the preferred treatment center for every dialysis patient.

It goes without say that we are suffering from infectious diseases due to the development of viruses and bacteria as well as their rapid spread. Perhaps the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) is one of the examples that we have learned a lot from, such as not to presence in crowded places, stop traveling by vehicles that carry many passengers like planes, ships, trains, and avoid being in public locations such as malls and shopping centers. The dialysis patients were among those who suffered like others during the spread of this pandemic and other epidemic, which, unfortunately, we do not know a halt or an end for.

Our standalone center provides the separation required. It is solely dedicated and specialized to provide dialysis treatment for our patients to enjoy being away from viruses, bacteria and possible contamination available at other places due to treat more than a disease under the same ceiling and handling large number of attendees at the same time).

We meant what we said “LIVE YOUR BEST HEALTHCARE” as our standalone center is specialized in diagnosing, treating and providing special consultation for nephrology diseases, general practitioner and clinical dietitian. It is equipped with the latest technology, use high quality of supplies, provide the privacy required and the individual entertainment every patient prefers while serving the treatment in a friendly environment, by our dedicated customer-oriented staff under continues observation and supervision by our experienced physicians.

We aim to be closer to you through being in more than a location with our standard level of quality we are currently having and maintaining at our first standalone center in Al Mamzar, Dubai

Enjoy your treatment,

Adel Al Kowaider,

CEO – Rena Care, Dubai


Multi Specialty Health Care Co. L.L.C. (MSHC) is a private company licensed by Dubai Healthcare Authority to provide Haemodialysis Services through a standalone centre.

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