What is Holiday Dialysis?

Getting dialysis three times a week doesn’t mean the end of fun, travelling and holidays. You can still explore new places, visit family members and be present to significant live events even if they happen far away from where you currently live and have your dialysis at. It takes only some careful planning, but once you’re prepared then you can enjoy a break with an easy mind. “Holiday dialysis” gives you the opportunity to visit our dialysis center and receive the treatment you need as well as enabling you to enjoy your time while traveling.

Holiday Dialysis at RenaCare Dubai

Holidays should be hassle free and we believe that dialysis patients should enjoy their holidays as much as anyone. Whether you’re visiting for a short time or living here long-term, we provide comprehensive care for all our patients. All of our treatments and services are tailored to every patient’s needs so that you can receive the best possible care.
At RenaCare Dubai, we are committed to give you the dialysis service you need during your travel.

Our Expertise and Services
We are:

• A state of art center standalone dialysis center with advantage of being away from other activities where potential risk of infection, contamination, viruses and bacteria are existing.
• A center has 11 dialysis stations designed to handle the care of chronic and acute patients requiring dialysis.
• Equipped with the latest dialysis technology for a safe and excellent quality dialysis.
• Providing comfortable private dialysis stations for every patient.
• Having Medical Management qualified and specialized in treating kidney diseases along with dialysis services.
• Having a Consultant Nephrologist with more than 30 years of experience.
• A team speaks Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam and Tagalog.
• Having a free WIFI, Smart TVs connected with Internet and subscribing in various international entertainment channels.
• Having a dedicated holiday dialysis customer care representative.

Easily Accessible

Our center is located at the Ground floor, surrounded by multiple axes and various main roads from all directions, nearby Dubai International Airport (Terminal 1, 2 & 3) and easily accessible by car and other modes of public transport. For detailed directions, kindly get in touch with our dedicated holiday dialysis customer service representative, or consult our location map here

Holiday Dialysis Packages

Your package depends on your specific needs based on your medical report, and built together with you, during your communication process with our dedicated holiday dialysis customer care representative and the clinic medical director (consultant nephrologist)

Included in the Holiday Dialysis Package
• First visit doctor consultation (Consultant Nephrologist) who will also be available during the session time
• Session inclusive of Medical Consumables and Heparin only
• Lab tests included: Serology Profile, Post Dialysis Profile, CBC, Bone Profile (extra laboratory investigations and medication, will be charged separately in accordance with your need and as per actual use).
• Consultation with a specialized Nutritionist in Dialysis patients and foods.
• Session inclusive of meal of more than six ingredients.
• Procedure fee.

Booking the Holiday Dialysis Session

Kindly follow the below steps for holiday dialysis treatment bookings:
1. Share with us your medical report regarding your regular dialysis and results from a recent blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. You can contact us on +971 54 735 6644 or info@mshc.ae.
2. Our dedicated holiday dialysis customer service representative will process it and get in touch with you to assist you further.
3. You will need a consultation with our Consultant Nephrologist before the first dialysis session to review your case.
4. You must repeat the blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, prior to the dialysis session even if it has been done recently.
5. You have to present a negative PCR test for Corona Virus, with 48h availability from the moment you took the test.
6. Although we have flexible appointments policy, but you will need to pre-book your dialysis session before travel.

Book Now

Dedicated Holiday Dialysis Staff

You can now enjoy your holiday without worrying about your dialysis care. At RenaCare, we created a smooth and hassle-free process to meet all your traveling dialysis needs.

For further information and dialysis treatment bookings, please:
– Dial or Whatsapp: + 971 54 735 6644
– Send an e-mail to: info@mshc.ae

Holiday Dialysis Tips

Holiday Dialysis Tips

Travel for kidney patients on dialysis does require more planning, however, the limitations in terms of where you can take a holiday and what sort of holiday you can take are probably far fewer than you would imagine. The following is topics that we recommend following to help you in planning process and to make sure you will have a rememberable happy holiday.

• Talk to your unit – Before doing any travel arrangements, talk to the unit where you are currently having your treatment at. You may also need a letter from them confirming your capability to travel along with their advices regarding immunization. You may also need their help in planning your treatment while on holiday.
• Choose your destination – whatever your treatment, it makes sense to ensure you are within reasonable reach of medical support in case of emergencies.
• Choose your accommodation – check that the accommodation you are considering is suitable for you and any special requirements that you may have. For example, if it is a hotel, do they cater for special renal diets?
• What to ask the Dialysis Unit before booking – Before selecting an overseas clinic for your holiday dialysis, you are advised to write to the chosen unit to ask:
– Do they accept visitors?
– Specify the date you would like to go.
– Will there be a charge? If so, then how much per dialysis session?
– Do they accept patients who have tested positive for Hepatitis, HIV or Aids? (it is not recommended that you dialyse in a unit which accepts these patients).
– Do they speak your language? Remember if you don’t speak the local language, check in advance whether the nurses speak any of the languages you speak.
• Holiday insurance – don’t book your holiday until you take out holiday insurance which covers you for a pre-existing medical condition. Most standard policies do not.
• As always, check with your renal unit regarding any over-the-counter drugs you are taking.
• Vaccinations – Find out whether you need any vaccinations for your destination but check with your renal unit before having any vaccinations – some may not be recommended for kidney patients.
• Medication – always divide your supply of tablets. Keep half with you in your hand luggage and pack the other half in the luggage you check in, or give it to a travelling companion to carry.
• Take a letter from your doctor stating that the drugs you are carrying are prescription drugs. Make sure you have written down the prescription names (as written on the label) of the medication you are on, so that if your supply is lost, you can advise doctors accordingly. Make sure they are allowed in the country you are travelling to.
• Food and drink – Watch what you eat and drink. Talk to your dietician before you go about local foods to avoid those that may be inconvenient for you during your travel.
• Emergencies – Make sure you and your travelling companion(s) have with you at all times emergency contact numbers. These should include the medical contact at your destination, numbers of your home renal unit, travel agent and insurance company.
• Remember it’s a vacation. Don’t forget to enjoy it and have fun!


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