How to Prevent Kidney Diseases?


Here are some of the effective ways to keep your Kidney healthy and happy:

  1. Be fit & Active – Do regular exercise and daily physical activity
  2. Balanced Diet – Eat healthy diet, full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Decrease refined foods, salt, sugar, fat and meat in diet.
  3. Keep Your Weight in Check – With a balance of healthy food and proper exercise.
  4. Give up Smoking & Tobacco Products
  5. Drink Lots of Water – Drink sufficient water (about 3 liters per day) to eliminate toxic waste from body and prevent Kidney stone.
  6. Beware of OTCs (Over the Counter Pain Killers) – Pain killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause kidney injuries. Take these only after consulting a doctor.
  7. Annual Kidney Checkup – As Kidney disease are often silent, symptom-less, the most effective way for early diagnosis and prevention of Kidney diseases is a regular kidney check-up. Annual Kidney check-up is a must for high risk persons who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or have a history of Kidney disease in the family.

If you love your Kidneys (and more importantly yourself) do not forget a regular kidney check-up after age of 40. Simple method for early detection of Kidney disease is an annual BP measurement, urine test and to measure creatinine in blood.

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