General Practitioner

Our General Practitioner/Doctor is your first point of contact in our center. When talking about your overall health, for you and your whole family, either young or old. She will work diligently on developing an ongoing relationship with you and providing continuity of quality care.

General Practitioner/Doctor duties include assessing you with a physical exam and a review of your medical history. From there, they may order additional tests to plan your treatment, or connect you with other physician (in case you need to be seen by specialist in certain specialty).

General Practitioners/Doctors can be instrumental in the early detection of health conditions as well as preventative medicine. If you have a family history of chronic illness, are at-risk for a chronic condition, or are experiencing symptoms, a screening by our general practitioner will benefit your health and peace of mind.

Your General Practitioner/Doctor is an essential part of your preventative medicine and health education. One of our GP main goals is to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

When you should see a GP Doctor?

General practitioners can help you with many routine and serious conditions. There are several reasons to visit your general practitioner, including:
• To perform routine screenings for health conditions such as: high blood pressure, risk factors for heart disease, risk factors for diabetes, high cholesterol, etc…
• To treat acute (short-term) conditions, such as: colds and flu, fever, minor wounds, migraines, asthma attacks, Urinary Tract infections, dehydration, skin infections or rashes, muscle strains and sprains, etc…
• To treat chronic conditions, such as: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure.

What to expect at the RenaCare GP Clinic?

• Assess your health.
• Discuss your medical history and symptoms.
• Run diagnostic tests.
• Develop a treatment plan.
• Advise you about ongoing lifestyle changes.
• Give you thorough information about your condition and treatment.
• Prescribe medication.
• Refer you to a specialist or arrange a follow-up appointment.


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