What Dialysis is?

RenaCare Nephrology Department is led by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team including consultant nephrologist, experienced general practitioner, renal dietitian, nurses trained in the care of dialysis patients and other qualified allied staff. The department provides comprehensive health care for patients with different types of renal (kidney) diseases, both acute and chronic.
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Nephrology Services at RenaCare :

Our kidney doctors – known as nephrologists – provide the most effective treatment for a wide range of kidney disorders. For the patient’s overall health and personal well-being, we provide the following services at our OPD:
• General nephrology for kidney disease (consultation and follow-up).
• Kidney disease management.
• Hypertension management.
• Kidney stone risk evaluation and prevention.
• Glomerulonephritis (autoimmune diseases of the kidneys) follow up.
• Hemodialysis.
• Post-kidney transplantation care.

Nephrology Conditions We Treat at RenaCare:

While we treat a wide range of kidney disorders in adults at RenaCare, our nephrologist works to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Here’s a list of nephrology conditions that we treat:
• Diabetic Kidney Disease.
• High Blood Pressure.
• Chronic and congenital kidney diseases (including end-stage renal disease).
• Polycystic kidney disease.
• Proteinuria (protein in the urine).

• Hematuria (blood in the urine).
• Electrolyte and acid-base imbalances (excess or deficiency of sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, bicarbonate).
• Anemia secondary to chronic kidney disease.
• Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).
• Edema (fluid retention in the body).
• Glomerulonephritis.
• Preeclampsia and kidney disease in pregnancy.
• Renal tubular acidosis.
• Lupus kidney diseases.
• Nephrotic syndrome.
• Nephrotoxicity (toxic injury of the kidneys).
• Hemodialysis.

Why Choose RenaCare for Nephrology Services:

Our exceptional kidney section (nephrologists) provides the most advanced and compassionate care, whatever type of kidney disease you or your loved one may have. The Nephrology department strives to provide a high standard of evaluation and treatment for kidney disorders in adults.

When talking about our Outpatient clinics or our Dialysis unit, our team of dedicated, well-trained, and experienced nephrologists and physicians, are committed to providing excellent care, making sure that you will get treatment and the best dialysis from the best nephrologists when you need it.

Tour dialysis unit at RenaCare is designed in a state-of-the-art style, with spacious single rooms, modern dialysis equipment, well-trained, experienced as well as courteous dialysis nurses and technicians. Our expert nephrologist will keep you under constant supervision during the dialysis session to ensure your condition is always closely monitored.

Consult our Nephrologist immediately, if you have any of these symptoms:

• Swollen feet and ankles as a result of fluid retention.
• Shortness of breath.
• Nausea.
• Chest pain.
• Fatigue and drowsiness.
• Loss of appetite.
• High blood pressure.
• Change in urination.
• Persistently Itchy skin.
• Muscle cramps.
• Constant Tiredness.


Multi Specialty Health Care Co. L.L.C. (MSHC) is a private company licensed by Dubai Healthcare Authority to provide Haemodialysis Services through a standalone centre.

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